[slick] youtube SEO partnership 50/50
wanted: YOUTUBE SEO PARTNERSHIP 50/50 profit

Hi, I have a bunch of software for SEO, But need some help creating videos and getting ranked too.

ive been in internet marketing for almost 5 years.

Our method right now is direct link to affiliate offer, but later when we profit we will build a list through youtube.

I am a digital marketing expert with FB and mobile traffic.

Looking for a SEO expert or a video creation partner who can help with traffic.

I`ll be doing link building, Social syndication (shares, EMBED to PR websites, etc)

the videos will start to get traffic soon, But im looking for help with more instant traffic.

Im also really good with ecommerce, Affilate marketing and CPA.

PM me on here or replay to my thread.
I can script, shoot, edit and publish the video, but I dont know how to get them ranked
Let's work together, I can do youtube video ranking part very easily. You don't need to worry about youtube rank. Hit me on Skype: internet.learner

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