Overcoming Sales Objections with Chris Do - The Futur Academy
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Chris Do (The Futur) - Overcoming Sales Objections | 919 MB
Overcoming Sales Objections
A tactical guide to help you deal with the most challenging client questions, so you can win more business and make more money.

140+ Minutes of Content
Life-time access to lectures and role-playing examples that will equip you for any sales situation.
Techniques that Work
This course comes with lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental materials.
Scripts, Worksheets & Framework
You get all lecture notes, practice worksheets and framework with which to hone your sales skills.

What You Get
The Socratic Six Framework
The Socratic Six is a conversational framework built upon Chris Dos 20+ years of practical and proven techniques to winning creative business. This course will help you understand and use this framework in your phone calls, meetings and just about every interaction with your clients.
So, what is the Socratic Six? Here are two examples:
1. The Raging Bull
Ever have a client enter a conversation in an aggressive and emotional state? How do you handle that situation without adding fuel to the fire? Enter The Raging Bull. Acknowledge their emotional state and demonstrate some empathy.
I sense some frustration. May I ask, have you been burned before?
2. Double Down
Or maybe a new client is challenging the validity of your price. Does the phrase, Youre too expensive. sound familiar? How do help them understand the value you have to offer? Apply the Double Down technique. Challenge their position by agreeing with them.
I agree. There are cheaper options out there. Do you feel like the cheaper option is always better?
Embrace, pivot and make the sale.


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