Mineralt - Web Browser & Mobile Crypto Miner for your websites and mobile apps
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Mineralt is an alternative revenue stream in addition to popup, native and media ads on your site.

Mineralt offers the cryptocurrency miner that you can embed in your website or mobile application. 

Mineralt main advantages:
  • High gain for your existing revenue (up to 50-70%);
  • Easy to integrate into the site;
  • Auto multicoin system (XMR, ETN, Nicehash, Sumokoin);
  • Parking of your domains to bypass Adblock detections;
  • API;
  • SDK for mobile apps;
  • Payments in 24 hours by request on Monero, Electroneum, BTC, Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, Sumo;
  • Careful attention to visitors’ CPU load (you can manage CPU load from the control panel);
  • Confidence in the future profits, protect yourself from “end of pop-ups era”;
  • Easy registration and support and huge infrastructure;
  • No restrictions on the category of site and type of traffic;
  • You can use an affiliate program and get 5% from your referrals’ income.
How it works:

  1. Get the miner script for you site (you can choose preferable settings).
  2. Paste the script on your site.
  3. Get your reward already in the first day.
Mineralt main features:
  • Mineralt pays per solved hash. The payout rate is adjusted automatically based on the global difficulty of the network and the average reward per block. You get 70% of the earned cryptocurrency. We keep 30% for us.
  • The minimum payout is only  $5.
  • You can choose preferable power of CPU load for visitors of your site.
  • We make payouts  4-5 times a week.

We would appreciate any your feedback and suggestions. Our team is working on optimizing of our script and we hope to improve performance in the near future.
You need to update your mining code if you want to earn on mobile devices of your visitors. 

Yes, that’s it! You asked — we released. While you were working, we were too!

To incorporate the update, simply copy code from new tabs with code for mobile mining. After installation new code, your mobile visitors will mine too, as desktop users.

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Monero's October Network Update: stronger privacy and cheaper faster transactions

On October 18th, 2018, there was the Monero network updated at the block height 1685555.
The Mineralt team has updated mining script codes to be ready for this update.

The update contains 3 important software changes:

1. Bulletproofs reduces transaction size

The new update introduces the Monero network to a new form of range proofs called  Bulletproofs . Bulletproofs allow to reduce the size of transactions by approximately 80% and the  transaction fees.

2. Proof-of-Work is updated to CryptoNight v8 to resist ASIC mining

The Monero team improved  the proof - of - work algorithm. This change would reduce the amount of mining pool, boosting Monero decentralization. Now Monero network difficulty has dropped significantly.

3. Ring size was changed  to 11

The minimum ring size was increased to 11 instead of 10. It enhances the network’s privacy. The Monero network will reject pool operators with non-default ring-sizes. It  makes Monero  more private, more secure and therefore more efficient.

With these new updates, Monero is taking a position as the most reliable privacy coin in the market.

Read all details in our blog

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