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Hello everybody, we have another update here on Mgcash. We have added Health/Fitness/Diet and Biz Opps/Work at Home offers to our wide selection of offers. We have offers for every country with best payouts. If you are interested to check some of our new offers you can contact us right here on forum or to add us on Skype, AIM or email.

Some of the new offers with best payouts for specific niches are:
Payout for this amazing offer is stunning 75$

Or if you want to promote Nutrition offers, you can check some of these that we have:
Payout for this offer is 64$
For this good converting offer payout is 60$

So if you have any questions and want to run them, join Mgcash and start banking right away!
For more information feel free to add us and ask any question you have regarding this.

Good luck and we hope you earn good!
Mgcash Team.

You can always contact me on skype or email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: nem[email protected]
New updates and news from Mgcash Media!

Are you running offers but have low CR? If that is the problem we have great solution for you guys, because we add daily new offers for any GEO and any types of offers.

Do you need Health/Diet, Biz Opps/Work at Home, Email and Zip Submits or just Gaming? We have them all and much more. If you check our payouts we are one of the few who pay’s the most.
If you have FR traffic and looking for high paying offer’s well we have them all from 10$ up to 20$ per lead! And for all high paying country’s we are dominating with the offers.

Some of the offer’s that we added and top performing offers for today are:
[Image: 8418095684bc23fdd48a21bea50e4ae5.png]

Also if you still didn’t check all of our tools, this is the right time to do it, because with our new tools you can bank hard! Plus you can optimize anything you want from looks of the locker to the tools that you want to use with us!

Mgcash Team

You can always contact me on skype or email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]

Or you can just send me message here.
Hey guys, here at Mgcash Media we have new offers for you to promote. As you all know iPhone is out and it is a big hit in all around the world. That is why we have offers for every country for iPhone 7 and payouts are higher than others and CR is crazy. If you want to run this offer let me know so we can approve you so you can start banking hard.
Some of the iPhone 7 offers and their payouts (Note we can also give custom payouts for our affiliates.

iPhone 7 Netherland – Payout 21$
iPhone 7 Luxemburg – Payout 12$
iPhone 7 Portugal – Payout 8$
iPhone 7 Great Britain – Payout 4.60$
iPhone 7 United States – Payout 2.30$

Good luck and use this offers while they are hot and converting like crazy.
Also we added a lot of new Pre Hosted Landing Pages that you can create in just few seconds and earn with them because our offers convert very good. Also we would suggest to start doing WH niches because they are ones that everybody can enjoy and profit with it.

Some of the new Pre Hosted Landing Pages:

[Image: ca646fd526a0cfbb6f5d6fc7b6811a5f.png]

VLC Player
[Image: cc30fc1709ef037ed88ce9a66a8e4467.png]

[Image: 51f1b34f59da81e2d46f78b2cf80c5f6.png]

GOM Player
[Image: 40864b9926a92b0dacd84f9c3d9dc583.png]

[Image: 32cfa148db3deebcdefa71bb5c6971ca.png]

If you need some offers to be added or any kind of help you can always send me a message and contact me at:
Skype: nem.mgcash
Email: [email protected]

Once again guys we have updated our landing pages and this time we give you best converting IQ Landing Page with more than just 20 tests on it. You can check our all Landing Pages but Clicking On Marketing Tools and then Pre Hosted Landing Pages. We have a lot of Landings and we add more and more every time. Also if you have some in mind, let me know and we will add it too.

IQ Landing Page

[Image: 1a8a2761315493bf213b69eb6ba9afc5.png]

[Image: 5e20366295dbe49e105703951f493bb8.png]

Also we added a lot of new offers for all verticals. So if you have traffic but low CR send me message and I guarantee that you will have way better CR with Mgcash for sure! Plus we can always give CUSTOM payouts for offers and faster payments for our affiliates! If you need anything you can always contact me at:

Skype: nem.mgcash
Email: [email protected]
Hey everybody, I have exciting news from Mgcash Media.

For every country we added amazing offers with HIGH CR and HIGH Payouts then any other network have! If you see some offers that are better on other networks let me know and we will give you special Custom payout. Do not be afraid to start earning more and to boost your business. Next to that we are adding new Pre Hosted Landing pages non stop and if you have something in mind, let me know and we will implement that in our next update. We are always open to listen and to help out out affiliates.

Here are some of our new offers:

[Image: 3125785738944709bf0501ccb6438af1.png]

If you have some questions or anything related you can always contact me here or on skype and email.

My skype: nem.mgcash
My email: [email protected]

Let's start earning together and to make it big!
Hey guys are you looking for new popular niches that are super HOT right now? Well if you are we at Mgcash just added this awesome Pre Hosted Landing Page for Fifa 17.
With this Landing Page everything is set up and optimized for every device and browser,  you only need to promote it and to earn with it.

If you have some special landing pages in mind, leave a comment bellow and we will make sure to add it to our huge list of Landings that we have. Here are some of the preview of landing page:

[Image: 80dd8b6c18dd481c907de98416e37316.png]

[Image: 88ffdb6ee4004aed915c7d6dc6175558.png]

[Image: 263ec10763b741b7a969d10a03d6732a.png]

[Image: a406d98c4a2a445a9b06bfff79503e17.png]

Two more big news also:

1) Also we added options to change our Landing Pages as you wish.

Custom HTML header content:
You can put here any valid HTML meta tags(for example og-tags) and HTML title
which will override default site header content.

2) Second thing is that we support now CSS/HTML templates from other networks like CPA Grip and Adwork Media so you can just copy and paste it to us and it will work, you would just need to add our locker and that is that.

If you have any questions or need help with approving or anything else. I am always available on skype or on email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]
Again awesome news from Mgcash Media!!!
New Super Option for your content lockers. We are the First Who Developed it! We are again ahead of all competitors in the technology and ideas. We are changing the game and implement innovative ideas in our products. We developed Mgcash together from the ground up and I can confidently say that we have the most superior content locking technology out there!
Soon... In Mgcash - Bitcoin Content Locker !!!
[Image: acMCT5m.png]
How many times you wanted to pay for something with Bitcoin’s but there was no option for that?
That is why we added this possibility for all users who surf the net. With Integrating Bitcoin to our locker CR will have BIG BOOST hence you will earn A LOT MORE!
Advantages of  Bitcoins in Mgcash Media Locker’s:
- Safe, simple and cheap.
The problem with traditional online transactions from the perspective of the seller is that Credit cards, PayPal you and other online payment systems allow buyers to claim their money back. With Bitcoins once you have the money you have it and that's that. Buyers can not in any way take the money back and the seller can safely ship the product or perform the service that the client purchased.
- With Bitcoin it is very possible to be able to send and get money anywhere in the world at any given time.
- Anonymous and Secure.
- Get payments straight to your Mgcash account.
- Easy integration of Bitcoin Content Locker.
Monetize your content and website with Bitcoin Content Locker! Mgcash provides a welcome alternative to the subscription payment model. Once a Mgcash session is established, surfers really do pay as they go - making micropayments each time they unlock content or links. Bitcoint Content Locker is a true on-line micropayment system. Everyone wins.
Let us start earning together and dominate this field.
If you have any questions about this or need help with approving  I am always available on skype or on email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]
Hello guys, I hope you enjoyed holidays and relaxed from work. Smile


Because our last Pre Hosted Landing Pages got a lot of traffic and had amazing CR we added a lot more.
Plus big announcement from Monday we will pay even more for our offers. So you can earn a lot more. And if you find any network that have bigger payout than us, let me know and we will top that.
I will add few screenshots of them but if you want to see them all you can easily check them in our Pre Hosted Menu. Also our Bit Coin locker is integrated with Pre Hosted Landings and users GET Exactly what is on Lander, so you will not trick or misguide users.[/size]
Some of the Landings can be seen here:
Clash Of Clans
[Image: IFilvnY.jpg]
[Image: o7VSBNv.jpg]
[Image: ox6MRze.jpg]
Bloons TD5
[Image: miAK2h0.jpg]
[Image: 1CtUwpi.jpg]
Subway Surfers
[Image: cQL3ha5.jpg]
[Image: YwCq560.jpg]
And many more niches that we added. If you need help or idea how to promote them, you can always contact me for anything.
If you have any questions about this or need help with approving  I am always available on skype or on email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]
Hey there guys, hope you are all doing good and that your earnings are great.
Our Team at Mgcash Media have made again some superb changes that not a single network have.

Have you ever wanted to put price of some offer as high as you wanted them to be? Well if you did, you can do that with us!!! We enabled option for users who use our BitCoin locker to put price of the lead as far as up to 10$ so you can earn even more with Tier 1 country’s that use BitCoin as payment.

So far we are still the only network that have this tool of all CPA Networks.
We are also adding daily more and more offers to boost your EPC and CR.

Some of the new offers that we added:

[Image: Povy7Nr.jpg]

If you need faster approval or want to join us, you can always contact me here or via skype or email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]

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