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1 year ago and stilll waiting :v
what the software
My softwares are all around the website, this post wasn't meant to publish any link related to my softwares.
You can look up my softwares by using the forum search.

Signing of edworldae [Image: Arnold_DrosteEffect_DGDO.gif]
thanks alot
thanks alot
(02-14-2017, 09:20 AM)edworldae Wrote: Hi everyone, im pretty sure everyone here loves my softwares.

Today, i copyrighted all my softwares and licensed them.
It cost me $400.00 to do so.

Don't get mad at me for using ads on the links, i've spend a ton of money and time on my softwares to give it to you guys for free.

Remember guys, that any non permitted share or repost of my softwares will violate the rules of copyrights.
If anyone tries to sell my software, please remember that selling copyrighted content is a federal crime and it can be punished.

I know some of you can reverse engineer my softwares and edit the "EdWorld AE" texts on it or even the "IMSEOLAB" text.
But i got news, i have the source code and the original GUI, any similarity might cause on a copyright legal case.


thanks you I will click your ads

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