Hello People! Hello senior forumers!
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself! I've been hustling for a couple of months now in the internet and trying to find a break in th scene. And I found this forum along that journey...I did my research as much as I could and I hope I made the right call. I hope the senior forumers could shed light on internet marketing. Probably the best route to go as a Newbie and beginner. I just have some knowlegde in dropshipping helping a friend plus a bit of facebook AD workaround in the process. But its hard to get into that game when you are starting off with so little investment and not ready to blow your money in risky investment. This forum and being a VIP(in a while) will probably my biggest investment in my journey. I paid some UDEMy courses, watched youtube, subscribe to mailing list of so call 'marketing gurus"...they showed me the way but hardly any legitimate ways to take action on. Most of them were incomplete and needs you to make more investment and when you have little to spare,  all you have is a path with incomplete steps to take action on.So cutting my story short, with all the tools and monetizing methods in the VIP section I hope to make a break!

I would to have the support from the senior forumers here and hopefully contribute in the long run. By the way, I managed to get into Peerfly, CPA network which i hope there will be some thought to go about it on the VIP section cause the public ones seems to be not active.

hoping to get my VIP soon and start my journey. Good day everyone! Sorry for long winded post. I just had to let it out! haha. Peace!

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