[GET] Google Proxy Checker
The process is simple : the software will take one proxy, try to launch a
query on Google.com and finally check if results are shown or not.

[Image: qx6OeN0.png]

If results are shown, so the proxy will be identified as Valid.

If results are not shown but the Google captcha page, proxy will be identified as IP Blocked (Captcha).

If no results, no captcha or timeout, the proxy will be identified as Invalid.

The process is simple and accurate.

Results can be really differents from ScrapeBox proxy checker, I don't
know why and I don't know how the ScrapeBox proxy checker works exactly.

Features :

-Fast and multithreaded

-Detect blocked proxies (captcha)

-Anti-crash (auto-save during checking)

-Light and portable application (700Kb)

-Max threads : 500

-Max timeout : 90 sec

Virustotal :

Detection ratio:
4 / 45

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enjoy Cool
Thanks for sharing..
All links have been taken down and are now useless.

Pretty strange, would assume your program has been flagged as malicious...

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