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It's more than possible with EvaDav as we are launching a new ad format – Native Advertising??
To publishers we offer:
1. Brand Safety
2. Competitive CPM
3. Cross-platform ad solutions
4. Customization of ad units
? To advertisers we offer:
1. Full transparency
2. Support of all formats
3. Cross-platform advertising
4. Variety of targeting options
Time to start making real money with EvaDav
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Hello publishers, get ready for important news!

Due to recent updates EvaDav introduced, the income is now calculated depending on the CPC rate, which means the more the audience clicks on the ads, the more our publishers earn! The following metrics are now displayed in your account:

✔️ Clicks – the number of clicks;
✔️ CPC – the cost per click based on the GEO your subscribers are from;
✔️ CTR – calculated by the formula (clicks/impressions)*100

Enjoy the transparency and convenience of working with EvaDav

Join us now!
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Do you, guys, want to track your ad campaigns even more effectively? 

From now on you can do it with the POSTBACK feature and Click ID we have added to the functionality of the EvaDav platform:

✅measure the results of your ad campaigns in real time;
✅optimize ads & increase ROI;
✅use the tracker you like the most.
Login to your ad account and enjoy the benefits of your cooperation with EvaDav

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AdSummit Kyiv 2019  is coming. It's one of the biggest annual conference on mobile & video advertising featuring various speakers and intensive networking.

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Omg, some insanely awesome news for us [Image: clear.png], but we can't do it without you, dear partners! [Image: clear.png]

We were nominated at the first international online award "Affbank Awards 2019" in three categories Smile
Best advertisement push-network
Best native ad network
Best mobile affiliate program

You can leave your voice for us and make our network even better, as well as our terms for you  :приветствовать: [Image: clear.png]

Easy steps:
✔️ Follow the link https://awards.affbank.com/
✔️ Login via FB or VK
✔️ Leave your vote for EvaDav

Make your affiliate choice 2019!

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Getting a 255% ROI by combining Push Notifications and a Dating offer [CASE STUDY]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2849&d=1561538686]
This time we have another successful case of a clever combination of EvaDav’s Push Notifications and a Dating offer. 
Starting with a piece of overall information:

Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav


Campaign Period: 15/03/2019 - 28/04/2019

Affiliate Network: ProfitSocial


Targeting specs: Chrome browser on Android mobile devices

Total budget: $1506

Total earned: $5355

Net earnings: $3849

ROI: 255%

We’ve also got the advertiser speaking for himself this time, so you get a chance to learn of his experience firsthand.

Choosing an offer. The unknown territory
I’ve never had experience working with neither a Dating offer nor a CPL model, but I heard that this combination can be extremely profitable if you play your cards right. I stumbled upon an offer from TopOffers and ProfitSocial and chose to work with EvaDav. I was positive that their traffic and Push Notifications will do perfectly for me.

First thing I did was talking to my friends and colleagues who are more knowledgeable about this combination. Knowing all the common pitfalls before I started working was crucial for me. 

I’ve been told to make my first steps on a predictable and stable GEOs. That was the main reason why I chose this offer and targeted basically the first GEO on the list - France.

Next thing they told me was to be ready to invest money. My own experience taught me that going into an uncharted territory requires time and money investments, so I was ready for it.

The last thing I’ve been told to focus on - was targeting Android devices. Well, to be honest, I didn’t just want to believe it, so I promised myself to test this out: Chrome/Windows vs. Chrome on Android devices. The test proved me wrong. Just take a look at this (clicks by device):
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2850&d=1561538891]
Creating Push Notifications and a Landing Page. The “usual stuff”
Since I already knew how to work with Push Notifications with EvaDav, I followed the known path: created 2-5 different Push Notifications creatives that matched the Landing that the offer had. 
Below are the two most successful Push Notifications:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2851&d=1561538950]
You don’t really need much from a Push Notification, just make sure it’s short, attractive for your TA, and works correctly.

The offer had a pretty well-designed Landing: minimalistic, with pics and GIFs of the girls, and with a very simple 4-step ‘personal data gatherer’. I’ve been advised that GIFs actually work better than plain pictures for a Dating offer Landing page, so that made me optimistic as well.
Take a look at the Landing page:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2852&d=1561539077]
Results. The joy of hard work paying off
I was more than satisfied with the results I got. Here’s a screenshot from the cabinet that shows the overall situation at the later stages of my campaign:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2853&d=1561539167]
I can’t really show you more, as it contains some sensitive information for me. My first weeks weren’t as profitable as the last ones as I was still testing the proper targeting, black- and whitelisting, updating my pushes, etc.
Here’s what I got at the end:

Clicks: 351 273

Leads: 1 392

Total earnings: $5 355

I spent $1506 on this campaign, which brought me to a $3849 of net earnings and a stunning 255% ROI. This was actually the highest that I’ve ever gotten!

I just want to list all the major things that I’ve learned throughout this campaign:

Ask for advice.
This is especially important if you’ve never done what you’re about to do.
Be ready to invest time and money.
Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but there’s really no way to achieve anything in affiliate marketing if you’re not willing to give in.
Don’t be afraid of uncommon decisions.
I didn’t believe that targeting Android devices would do the trick, but it had an insanely good outcome. Who would have thought?
Don’t forget the basics.
Especially when creating Push Notifications and Landing Pages. There are things you simply must do unless you want to fail badly.
Work with proven partners.
Find yourself a network you’re comfortable working with, as I found EvaDav.
Relax and enjoy the flight.
Once you’ve done all the hard work and it’s all just working by itself - relax and watch the money flow to your pocket.

That’s it for this time. Thank you for reading this, and I hope this guide has been helpful.
Not a bad income, is the webmaster Lil only from France?
Getting a 222% ROI by combining Push Notifications from EvaDav and a Sweepstakes offer [CASE STUDY]

This time we provide an overview on a successful case by an arbitrager, who earned nearly $3k NET on a US GEO in just over 3 weeks. Read more below.

Overall information:

Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav


Campaign Period: 01/06/2019 - 23/06/2019

Affiliate Network: Finaff

Offers: Walmart 1000$ generic US [WEB/ WAP]

Total budget: $1325

Total earned: $4272

Net earnings: $2947

ROI: 222%

Let’s see what’s so special about this case.

Affiliate Network and the Offer

The affiliate used Finaff as an affiliate network. It has recently gone public and for now proves to be a source of great offers.

The Sweepstake offer from Walmart was used with a $1000 gift card as a prize. GEO was only US, probably since Walmart mainly operates there. The payment system was CPL SOI, obviously because you can’t have users approving their registration - this will kill the CR rate. 

Creatives and the Pre-Landing

Push Notifications from EvaDav were chosen to be the creatives. There are risks involved in working with Pushes at a Tier-1 GEOs: 
  • the need to have high budget if you want to test them
  • the traffic is expensive, so you have to be real careful with scaling your campaign

After split-testing only best-performing Pushes remained.

Can’t show you the creatives this time, but both consisted of:
  1. An icon of unread message - attracts attention right away;
  2. A big image of the prize - a $1000 gift card;
  3. The name and description saying that a user has a chance to win his prize.

It’s very important to show the prize right away on the Push Notification - you show the thing that the user actually wants to get.

The next thing in the funnel was the Pre-Landing Page.
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2875&d=1562173336]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2876&d=1562173365]
It’s important to show the prize again on the first screen the user sees after he clicks the Push Notification. Since it’s a CPL offer, you should start gathering the personal data after that. This time the user was asked 3 questions and had to leave his email address. 

What’s also important, this Pre-Landing showed the user reviews which induced more trust in new users.

The arbitrager started getting excellent results from day 1!

Finaff stats:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2877&d=1562173415]
Clicks: 35 256

Leads: 1 780

CR: 5.08

Total budget: $1325

Total earned: $4272

Net earnings: $2947

ROI: 222%

This case proves that arbitraging on a Tier-1 GEO, especially US, can be extremely profitable. Take a serious approach, work with proven partners, make sure your creatives work correctly, and that your Pre-Landing serves its purpose and the purpose of the offer.

Thanks for reading this case. We wish you all high profits.
(07-03-2019, 07:52 PM)Daert Wrote: Not a bad income, is the webmaster Lil only from France?
This case is written under the country France

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