Dori Friend - Seo Rockstar Event Recordings 2018
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Dori Friend - Seo Rockstar Event Recordings 2018 | 10.24 GB
We Don't Tell THE WORLD Our Proven Tests
BUT, We DO Tell Each Other!

Yep.. It's a Club.. Called Friends on the Inside And Yes, It's Not Fair. (But You Can Join Us)
A Friend On The Inside To Show Them The Ropes. This Is Your Opportunity To Make Those Friends In The SEO World. The SEO "brain power" that will be in the room is like NOTHING you have experienced.

The State of SEO - SEO is always changing and Dori is going to get you up to speed by going through a bit of the past and end with where we are now including pulling segments of recent test results. Dori Fiend
Learn How Kyle Dominated A SEO Contest With His On-Page Strategies - Kyle will teach you how he made such a dramatic rise in rankings for an incredibly competitive keyword (Rhinoplasty Plano) using mostly FAKE content (lorem ipsum) in a contest with 27 other professional SEOs. In fact, he even achieved #1 in Maps. He will teach you what he did that had such profound applicability so you can do the same for your business. Kyle Roof
Group Event: Ranking Competition - What some inside knowledge? This is where you will learn the real tricks of the pros and how to apply them to your business. Everyone will be divided up into groups to start planning their SEO strategy. No holds barred here. Don't worry if you are new to SEO or are just building, you'll be in a working group with others and learn along the way. Let The Competition Begin! Group Event
On-Page Mastery - Many people swear that Clint's advanced SEO tactics are true weapons of mass destruction - to your competition. Clint will give you the best tactics that you don't know and no one else will talk about. This is a must see presentation. Clint Butler
Lunch - HotSeat Audits - It's time to get in the HotSeat and let the experts help you with your toughest ranking issues. Consider this the best working lunch you'll ever attend.
Panel - RANKING WITHOUT LINKS - Best Strategies
Why Correlation Is Proving To Be Very Valuable - Ted goes in depth on correlations and why he has been able to predict Google's updates before they happen. He'll help you understand algorithm updates, learn from whole niches, and acquiring SEO clients with passive content. Ted Kubaitis
Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
Ready to have your mind blown? Patrick is the evil genius that shows you how to shortcut one of the most important aspects of SEO. Not only will his presentation save you hours of work, it will also take away guesswork by leveraging sites such as wikipedia. No one is talking about this or doing it outside his group! Oh, and just for being live at SEORockstars, he is giving you a personal API to the tool that will make this process fast and easy. Patrick Tuttle
Mixer - Want to party in the international suite? Patrick is hosting a mixer to relax, mingle, drink and be merry. Everyone

Learn How To Find, Present and Close Clients - As Lisa says, it's all about the buildup and you will learn how she is able to easily land 3,000 - $50,000 a month clients. Follow her proven strategies to grow your agency or SEO business. Lisa Parziale
Ninja Tricks and Hacks to grow your SEO traffic in 2018! - Vaibhav is into SAAS products for SEO and Marketing and has 700 current SEO active clients in the outsourcing agency he owns so you know this will be good! Vaibhav Kakkar
Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
Using Google To Rank - Terry is the undisputed King of using Google 's own properties to rank clients. You may have heard about G-sites and cloud stacking, but you've never heard about them like this before. Discover Terry's ninja tricks to uncover the easiest ways to rank with little to no investment. Terry Power
Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
Lunch - HotSeat Audits - It's time to get in the HotSeat and let the experts help you with your toughest ranking issues. Consider this the best working lunch you'll ever attend.
SEO Tools & Tactics - White, Grey and Black -Simon will show you some of the widely used mainstream tools in the Industry and some of the less widely used tools. He will disclose some of the secret tools many S.I.A. members use some tools that are rarely talked about or even known about that can have a dramatic impact on your SEO efforts. He will pull back the curtain and show you the tools and techniques he uses in his agency and has bribed some of the S.I.A. members into disclosing there Secret SEO Tool Stacks. Simon White
Ranking Competition Results - Each group will tell-all about what they did to rank their site. Take notes because this is no holds barred and you will learn the true behind the scenes tactics that everyone is using. We will also reveal where they landed in the SERPs and who the 1st place PRIZE goes to.

PARTY TIME! Everyone
Think Tank and Networking with Dori and the Speakers.
AKA- rubbing shoulders with the Best of the Best in the industry.
This day is NOT recorded.
Full day of networking, brainstorming, shenanigans, food and full cocktail glasses (or wine or beer glasses)
The past 5 years I've done this AFTER the event but this year we are breaking the ice and cutting to the chase early so we all have more time to network with each other.
Come with me on our speaker day activities, rub shoulders, eat meals, & drink cocktails with the best of the best in this industry. THIS is the absolute BEST opportunity to network, make the relationships that SEORockstar's is known for. (aka call a buddy up and say WTF and they understand what you are talking about!) LOL ; )
- 1 Ticket to the Main Event November 13th and 14th, and..
- 1 Ticket to the VIP Speaker Day on November 12th, 2018
Why you need to be there:
Hands down, I recommend everyone to always grab a chance to do the "VIP" time. It is the intimate type of events where you can forge the TRUE relationships. Of course, during the main event there will be time to network, but I'm making it super easy for everyone!
Most VIP opportunities offer a dinner or an evening happy hour networking event. To me - that is not enough time. Not only is it not enough time, but unless you are the most outgoing person in the world, it's hard to get to know a lot of people during a dinner or a cocktail party without seeming obnoxious.
So, I am going all out here and making this day a blast, so you can make sure you can talk to whomever you want to and enjoy your day!
What to Expect:
- An ENTIRE day with the Speakers and VIPs.
- We will start with food and drinks and then proceed to have fun all day
Bottom Line, You Get
- 1 Ticket to the Main Event November 13th and 14th, and..
- 1 Ticket to the VIP Speaker Day on November 12th, 2018
Which includes.
- Hanging out with me (Dori) and all of the Speakers (Hello, connections)
- Hanging out with other VIP's (Hello, connections and golden nuggets)
- Food and Drinks throughout the day (Hello, Ice Breakers and Fuel)
- Lots of Magic! (Hello Priceless)

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