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DatsPush rewiev

Hello, dear friends!

Today we are going to vividly tell and show you what these DatsPushes, or push notifications really are, what the benefits of this partnership are and how to quickly launch your own promotional campaign within the DatsPush partner advertising network.

Here you go - https://goo.gl/qpaXoL
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Types of Push notifications
When you configure your promotional campaign it’s crucial to understand what types of pushes exist in our network, how to handle them and what are the most suitable and profitable for you.
Find how to use different types of push notifications there - https://bit.ly/2yUe86g
Cheers! Smile
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Hello everyone!

Today we want to share a little case about push notifications with you. 
Since they are literally all around now, everybody must have heard of it at least a little something. 
This time, we are going to work with DatsPush’s notifications and sweepestakes.

Check the case study there - https://bit.ly/2S6VJdz
[Image: Case3.jpg]

Hello guys!

So, tell us who in this world doesn’t like freebie? 
We can say for sure that our audience does. And the following case is a clear evidence of this.

Find out how to generate 40% of ROI with Credit Card Submit and push-notifications.

Here you go - https://bit.ly/2ByBzUA
[Image: datspush-case4.jpg]

Aloha everyone,
Today we have a very ROI’ful case for you!
Here are some figures for you to consider - http://bit.ly/2QkhdGM
[Image: datspush-case6.jpg]

Here is a little something about the postback - https://bit.ly/2P6TdCn

Enjoy reading! Wink
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Hi Partner! 

We are here in this new year to tell you that our Telegram channel has a new web address now.

Don't be lazy, follow the link and join us here!


Here you can find:

- Our very responsive and responsible DatsPush support team;
- Push colleagues;
- Inside releases and news;
- And various BONUSES, of course! How could we forget them!

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