Chris Orzechowski - Email Copy Academy
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Chris Orzechowski - Email Copy Academy | 7.46 GB
Email Copy Academy
The world's first training program designed to turn you into a world class email copywriter in 6 weeks flat. and give you the ability to write simple email campaigns that can sell any product in any market with great success.

What's Inside:
Module #1: Email Marketing 101 & Market Research Deep Dive (How to find right words to use that'll make customers pull out their wallets and BUY)
Module #2: The Anatomy of Emails That Sell & 15 High Converting Email Formulas (You can reuse these over and over again without burning out your list)
Module #3: Email Strategy & Campaign Design (How to design automated and broadcast campaigns and sequences that lead to massive sales)
Module #4: How To Create Product Launches That MAKE IT RAIN (Generate massive windfalls of cash with this super-simple 12 email sequence)

BONUS Module #5: The Complete Roadmap To Get So Booked Up With Email Copywriting Clients You'll Have To Start A Wait List Just To Keep Up With The Demand
BONUS Module #6: How To Close Clients Over The Phone Without Ever Sending A Proposal. And How To Price, Quote And Deliver Results For Your Clients (Including A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How To Do Your Entire Project)
BONUS: LIFETIME access to the Email Copy Academy Coaching & Feedback Facebook Community
BONUS: Hot-seat coaching call recordings (You'll get the full, unedited recordings of the six hot-seat style coaching calls I did with my original students. You'll see real email copy breakdowns and how I punched up my students copy so it converts. It's over 8 hours of video that'll help you understand the nitty gritty details of becoming an in-demand email copywriter who can produce incredible results.)
Lifetime access to the full course recordings and sessions. outlining my entire system for creating email campaigns that sell.

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