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Greetings to the members of IMSEOLab Forum!  Wink

You probably often wonder who you can run with your precious traffic and not be scammed or shaved.
Let me introduce a cure for your sleepless nights with that thought on mind - ByOffers. With us you can earn thousands of dollars with your best adult, dating, insurance, health, sweepstakes, crypto and loans traffic

Now let us explain you who we are and what we do. As of now more hundreds of affiliates have trusted their traffic to more than 500+ exclusive offers of ours. We know this is insufficient for decent affiliates as you, so here are some major details about us:

We realize that payouts are money and money is the reason why we are all here Smile
Regarding this matter we take this question with full responsibility and do try to avoid delays and pay on time. Terms of payments are Net-20 with minimum payout $200. After the first payment is done other terms (like bi-weekly or weekly) are discussable depending on your traffic volume.

We are happy to announce that we've launched smartlinks for all offer categories. This will help you improve your conversion rate and none of your clicks will go out of the window!

Traffic sources
Due to a huge variety of mobile and desktop offers it is for you to convert any traffic you've got.
Apart from bot and spam traffic of course.

At ByOffers we have a lot of offers with different and high payout methods.
You'll be able to pick any offer from more than 10 categories, such as Dating, Adult, Crypto, Sweepstakes, Health, Loans and more!
We only work with the best and trusted advertisers. Every day we seek for new more profitable deals and create up to 20 new offers daily. We work with CPL, CPA, PPS, RevShare.

We love our affiliates and we are proud of them and their achievments. Your success is our success!
Hundreds of affiliates are working with us now. We will provide you a personal account manager who will answer any question you ask.

Interested? We wll be glad to see you here to test our offers.
Still have questions? You are welcome to ask them in this thread or you can do it in Skype 
byoffers or via e-mail [email protected].
We are quick in answering  welcome
[Image: Sip_with_Me_EN.jpg]
[Image: d075b6d53fbe4f29a1f92599eb1a9736.png]

Whats up guys? Ready for the Black Friday? Our team gives you an opportunity to increase your revenue extremely HIGH! Till November 30th we increase payouts for a limited amount of offers. Don`t waste your time and use this event at full. Make sure you`re prepared for it!

You can find list of boosted offers below :

295 | DOI | Desktop [US,UA,CA] $6
1403 Be2 30+ [UK] | SOI | Mobile $2.20
1283 Xcams | PPS| Responsive Multigeo $95
692 Snapdate| SOI | Mobile $2.80
1051 Nopeatdeitit | SOI | Responsive [FI] $4.00
1048 EngangSligg | SOI | Responsive [SE] $4.00
1041 TonPlanCu | SOI | Responsive [FR] $3.00
932 Olydig| DOI | Mobile [SE] $9.30
993 Lovetoo 25+| DOI | Desktop [RU] $0.95
804 SPdate [Tier 1] | SOI | Desktop $4.50
1077 Cheatinghousewife 24+ [Tier 1] | DOI | Mobile $7.00
483 Deluxe Cam Girls | DOI | Responsive $4.00
1439 NakedLocals | DOI | Mobile $5.60
1128 Bitcoin Compass EN| PPS | Responsive $450
1122 Bitcoin Compass RU| PPS | Responsive $230
1120 Bitcoin Compass LATAM| PPS | Responsive $230
180 CryptoSoft EN | PPS | Responsive $450
177 CryptoSoft NO | PPS | Responsive $570
171 CryptoSoft LATAM | PPS | Responsive $230

Come on! Earlier you will start - more you will get. Always welcome - click here

Earlier you`ll contact us - more you`ll earn. Feel free to ask all your questions on email - [email protected]m or skype [email protected]
[Image: a4153116f7427c42cf522539d4f9c9b8.png]

Hello affiliates! We are glad to share with you here some useful tips regarding the choice of the right offer for your type of traffic!

It is well-known that the beginning is a half of the result. In affiliate marketing the beginning of the coordinate system named “earnings” is considered to be an offer! So today, our webmates, we will provide you with several basic tips to keep you save from fatal mistakes and choose a potentially profitable offer!

One and the same offer, depending on the source of traffic, can show a completely different result, so it is very important to choose the right combination of traffic and offer. Why so? Firstly, traffic sources have their own restrictions on goods and services advertised, and secondly, the audience of each advertising channel responds well only to certain categories of offers.

Offers also have their own restrictions on traffic sources. In the description of the offer you can also find an enumeration of countries and regions from which it receives traffic. The advertiser’s requirements for the traffic source must be complied without fail not to receive the punishment due to a violation of the rules.

- An important criterion for choosing an offer is the complexity of the target action that a user needs to perform in order for you to be credited and paid for the lead. 

The highest commission is paid for complex goals like:

issued loan.

For beginners, due to the lack of targeted and solvent traffic, it is highly recommended to start with offers with the simplest goals like:
confirmed application for the goods;

The simpler the target, the greater the conversion rate and the shorter is the period between a click on the advertisement and an execution of the target action.

Thus, simple goals make it possible to track the result of an advertising campaign practically in real time and promptly correct it if necessary. Difficult goals can have a very delayed effect, and you can learn about how effective an advertisement is at times only after a few days, and sometimes even weeks.

- Monitor what is now on the TOP listings of CPA networks.

- Type the name of the offer in the search engine and look at the number of ads in ad units. If all places are occupied, then this is the first sign that the offer is more alive than dead. But unfortunately, this method does not provide an accurate picture of what is happening.

- Google Trend allows you to assess the current popularity of the offer and the stage in which it is located.

Look at your colleagues. There is another good way to not only check the relevance of the selected offer, but also to find other profitable offers - see what the competitors are promoting. [Image: oops.png]

Seasonality. Some categories of offers have such a trait as seasonality, due to which the demand for them changes cyclically over the time. A good example is weight loss products. Knowledge of seasonality not only makes it possible to start working with an offer when the demand for it hugely increases, but also allows you to prepare your personal ‘offer calendar’ for the whole year. To do this, it is just enough to study in advance the seasonality of different categories of offers and make for yourself appropriate reminders in the calendar that it is time to start preparing creatives and setting up advertising campaigns for this product.

- It is necessary to study the quality of the landing page itself before you push the traffic, because this page is the first thing that users see! We highly recommend to use your own built landing pages and test several samples to see what converts better.

If you despite all our recommendations still have difficulties with the choice of an offer, then you can always get advice from our experts at! Specify your wishes as much as possible and remember, your AM earns when you earn money, so do not hesitate to ask for help! [Image: wink.png] [Image: wink.png] 
[Image: 5ffab184bb0f9ecdfdad87607ef0faa1.png]
Teaser Advertise: What affiliate marketers need to know

Teaser ad - an advertisement that is used to get the public interested by giving very little information about the product. The purpose is to get attention for the full advertising campaign that follows.
Teaser ads intrigues and teases buyers. It is one of the most effective ways to attract a large amount of traffic, since it has a simplified moderation procedure and a relatively low cost per click.

Do not forget that some offers have a fairly wide target audience and there may be several portraits of your potential customers. Under each of which, there must be a bunch of creative, pre-lending and lending, combined into one semantic thread.
Teaser advertising can be used in any niche of affiliate marketing, but the most effective it will be in Health&Beauty vertical. Everyone wants a quick result in losing weight or male enhancement and often consumers inclined to impulsive decisions after seeing how their favorite celebrity managed to cope with the problem of excess weight or hair loss.
If you ready to try yourself in teaser advertisement let`s talk about how to make a good creative (teaser) and what teaser network to choose.

A good teaser has an:
•    eye-catching picture. It should stand out from the competition.
•    catchy title and an informative description text. The title will attract attention, and the text will filter out the target audience. Write medium-length banner text so that users can read it.
•    creatives that are different from other advertisers.
To make your ads more effective, create 50 ads variations and test them. Estimate the landing page, it should "sell". Advertise products that you can quickly buy online.

How to choose a teaser network:
1. Look for information about the target audience of teaser network: gender, age, region of residence, amount of the audience.
2. Learn about limitations of the products and formats advertised. Check if these conditions are right for you.
3. Decide on the targeting settings that are appropriate for the purposes of the campaign and whether they are on the network.
4. Compare the networks at the announced minimum rates.
Teaser ads are usually paid for using the CPC "cost-per-click" model. But it still has other payment models like CPM, CPI, CPA, CPL.

Here are TOP 5 teaser networks for Health&Beauty offers:

Nishes: Adult, Health, Beauty, Slimming. Min reffil - $45. All GEOs

Nishes: News, Health, Beauty, Slimming, Clothing. Min reffil - $1,50. All GEOs

Nishes: Multi. Min reffil - $2,30. All GEOs

Nishes: Health, Rejuvenation, Fishing, Slimming for men. Min reffil - $15. All GEOs

Nishes: News, Health, Beauty, Slimming, Replics. Min reffil - $0,75. All GEOs

It is also will be useful to create B / W lists that help to form lists of sites that do not work and bring clicks from bots (black) and focus your ads on profitable sites that give leads (white).
I hope you`ll find this article useful!
Dear affiliates do you promote offers with teaser ads? Which teaser network do you choose?
We will be glad to see you here to test our offers.

For any questions use skype/e-mail [email protected]. We are quick answering.
[Image: dd56426f7bf8fa417a3aa01c6b4230f2.png]

Have you already tested a new tracker PEERCLICK from our partners?
So you must do it right now. Register on the Use your promo-code BYOFFERS and get a free period of usage for a month!
PEERCLICK is an advanced marketing tracking platform for Media Buying Teams and Agencies. It brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place with ANN (artificial neural network) traffic distribution module. PEERCLICK enables you to work with different kinds of traffic sources, manage advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.
PEERCLICK features:
•     SAAS technology
•     Multicurrency
•     Cloaking
•     The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today
•     Pay per click
•     Handles millions of clicks per day
•     Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
•     The highest speed of report generating on the market
•     Group Campaign Reports
•     Large-scale automated updates every few month
•     The fastest and most convenient user interface
•     Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
•     The average response time of our support is 5 minutes
Sign up link
[Image: 2e8d2707efba0b0d6a5972485d13df6b.png]

So, pin-submit are offers, the main purpose of which is to get a subscription to the service by the user. For this you can use different services (antivirus, video, adult, music and other services). Pins are not new, they have been actively affiliated for about 3 years.

Even India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other Asian countries have now been drawn up, with much emphasis being placed on it, since affiliate marketing as such as and mobile in particular is at the growth stage.

How to earn?
Let's start with the offers. For PIN Submit, the services of paid participation in various sweepstakes, downloading games and applications are excellent. Topics also include antivirus, dating, adult, finance, e-Commerce. It seems to be understandable, but the question is what to propose and how. Let's be honest: to lie (turn gray promo, i.e. press on fear, deceive) or not to lie (work in white, i.e. offer the user what he really gets at the output). That is the main question.

Go to the sources of traffic. There is relatively complete freedom here: you can work directly (if you need to download a ringtone, for example, why invent something), or you can run a landing page with a field for entering a phone, and then a code. This is a little longer and requires great gestures from the user, but it also works. Banners, popanders  - you need to test everything!

Among experts, pin-submits are considered a good vertical for a startup, because they are quick, converted and profitable to test, despite the low conversion. This can be a good start for someone who takes the first steps in affiliate marketing and learns, in this niche is very easy entry and a huge number of offers with cheap GEO. Here we are again and returned to tier-3. India, Thailand, Vietnam are countries in which there is a small payout on offers, but a small test budget is also suitable, so it’s easy here to get a profit. Until now, there are geo where the pins were not popular, but the conversions there can simply go off-scale.

Important tips

For example, taking into account the IP ranges on which to target. The advertiser, for sure, has a million or two such addresses. And take into account the time: night hours convert better. And also distinguish the user flow (models of mobile monetization of users, if simpler).

And there are also direct carrier billing (DCB), of which there are also two types: normal (subscribed to the service and the operator removes the lava) and 1-click (clicked on the submit button on the offer page, billing occurred, because the mobile number was determined automatically). 1-click - the most convenient and profitable for arbitration.

Popular payable actions 

- One-click subscription (clickflow) – user should tap on screen( doesn`t matter where ) and subscription will be read automatically
- Two-click subscription – at first must do agree with rules (click on checkbox) and push confirmation button
- Pin-submit – user type in his number to get SMS with PIN-code and then type in this code on subscription page

To sum it up, I strongly advise you to test this type of offers and then make a decision if it is your cup of tea!
We have selected for you a small list of Pin-submit offers:

- 1629    Tesco voucher [IE] | MO Flow| Responsive (Meteor, H3G, O2) – 5$ payout

- 1609   Rudolph iPhone XR [ES] | MO Flow| Responsive (Vodafone, Orange) – 10$ payout

- 1605  Rudolph iPhone XR MO [SI] | MO Flow| Responsive (Simobile, Mobitel, Tusmobil) – 6$ payout

We offer you a great chance to experience all this by yourself, to hell with doubt!
[Image: 51511ed4c50cf7a6be1cf57ea7251cc8.png]

Hello, webmates! 

Today we are going to review maybe the most expensive and the most sophisticated, as for me, category of offers - crypto offers and their promotion on Facebook!
A significant factor that scares the majority of affiliates is instability on the crypto market! Demand changes instantly following changes in the world and the value of the cryptocurrency. But besides the circumstances, which we could not overcome, we still have duties which we have to do for all 100, to make offers convert!
Realy, I don’t know how to make a million on goods from China, but the tips below have saved a lot of budget funds and helped to get a nice profit among our affiliates!

The main reason to write this article were stats of our affiliate:

Flow: Facebook + Anonymous prelander + Profit Formula 

Date: 12.20 – 12.24 
Demographics: Man + Woman, 33-60 years old
Placement: Mobile 

Here we can see that very screen: 
[Image: d45df58b8921d0afa80411b6e141c4d0.png]

Cost: 3,339 $
Revenue: 7,600$
ROI: 127,37%
Profit: 4,261$

Advertiser has indicated such EPC crypto offer indicators, just take a glance: 

UK - 24$       PL - 5.07$
DE - 19.87$  AT - 24.33$
CH - 25.44$  IT - 14.65$
NL - 18.97$  DK - 34.26$

In this case we have created checklist according to affiliates feedback and their researches. 

- Cloaking, guys! Just to remind!
- Start with the safety of pages, meaning use only “com” domains and check if the domain old or new ( the older the better)

- Have unique content. Always. Only. Seriously 

- Don`t forget to check if all compliance on web are included: T&C, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About us….

- Safe page article is always related to ads

- “Warming up!!!” This one is a must not only for crypto! So, reach at least $500 threshold
because FB gives your account a trust score which relates to your audience quality too (less trusted account ads will be served to worse converting audience!) 
- Optimizing. Leave only winning ad in the ad set as they compete among each other for your bid. Caution, do not duplicate adsets aggressively because FB find this action as suspicious!

- Angles + Targeting. Use source to find the most viral articles titles which will help you to find a proper angle! Combine interests\likes with angle, use your imagination! For example: crypto offer + women + wedding targeting = Story how somebody had a dream wedding thanks to extra money from crypto, why not? “57-year-old man dumped her wife and moved to Las Vegas to enjoy his crypto earnings!” - sounds truthfully. Find which demographics are working the best for a particular angle and then customize the short story accordingly (men 50 – 60 years old means “57 year old man” in headline). It must be mentioned - please, say “No” to obvious trigger words like “make money”, “get rich”, “secret exposed” etc. 

- Targeting and retargeting is a must!

- For the most curious. Here are some examples of good catching ads: 

[Image: c0ee8258a43f45841f44d4c9233a115d.png]

[Image: 67a57b0fd0c44780f2da333d7301f81d.jpg]

[Image: 2813395fe28023658d80d2b73154be07.png]

In general use images with emotions and as much related to prelander as possible. If people see something else after clicking the ad then they give you negative score. Experiment with video ads also – they have lower CPC and better results.

Here is a list of FB api responses to rejected ads/banned accounts for you to learn on mistakes:!1sYFyLDZ!KzfPt6_gIhreb..._FRCVmkBRk
This might help you to save some accounts if you have too high expenses buying/farming them!
To sum it up, looking on stats I could say that promoting via FB Ads is the most “convertible” traffic source, but do not be hesitated to test everything else! Maybe you will find much more profitable way to monetize your traffic!

Feel free to contact our managers if you`ll have any questions :

Dan:- [email protected], Skype - [email protected] 
Dimitar: email - [email protected], Skype - affiliates_388 
Lily: email - [email protected], Skype - lilybyoffers
[Image: 750addd287550a033d4e3089ad7927e4.png]

Hello colleagues.

URGENT! We are looking for quality traffic on Adult, Nutra for EU (BG, PL, IT, DE, CZ) avg payout - $ 11, Health & Beauty for Asia (TH, PH, MY, VN) avg payout - $ 9 PPL

As a motivation, we offer an increased payout for Adult:
2330 Adult Swipe [CA,US] | DOI | Responsive - 2,5$ / 3.2USD
1723 CasualMatchClub 35+ [AU] |DOI| Desktop - 4$ / 5USD
1706 f**k Dates [UK] | SOI | Responsive - 1$ / 1.8USD
1637 Stripchat [Multigeo] | SOI | Responsive - 1$ / 1.6USD
1665 Erotic Madness |SOI| Responsive - 2,5$ / 3.2USD
[Image: 796c4c353e1f41550794d7be83a8d34a.png]

Hey colleagues, we`re happy to inform you with our new offers and payouts [Image: wink.png]

Check our best offers , you will be satisfied he-he [Image: smile.png]
826 f**k Swipe | PPT| Responsive (CHAT) 20USD
 RegionFlirts [AU] | DOI | Desktop 5.5USD
WellHello | PPT| Responsive 50USD
 MilfsHookup | DOI| Mobile 3.2USD
2857 EMAIL only [US] |SOI| Responsive 3USD

Offers Just Sex Only [EU GEO`S] | CPA | Responsive 40USD
Offers Local sex friends [EU GEO`S] | CPA | Responsive 40USD

Contact our AM`s for a details:
Dan Skype: [email protected] Email - [email protected]
Lily Skype: lilybyoffers Email - [email protected]
Dimitar Skype: affiliates_388 Email: [email protected]
[Image: ea483105d975baa8daceba2d08875f59.png]

My greetings! We are announcing an unprecedented campaign.

We provide over 800 nutra offers covering both Europe and Asian countries. COD, PPL, PPS. Payouts range from $3 to $60.

Do not even think to see unknown brands among offers. Only the best converting offers such as KETO, AminoFit, Idealica and many others are available to you.

Our managers are ready to accept all your wishes and provide only the best offers for your traffic.

For more information, contact our best gut specialists:

Dan Skype: [email protected] Email - [email protected]
Lily Skype: lilybyoffers Email - [email protected]
Dimitar Skype: affiliates_388 Email: [email protected]
Dara Skype: dara.grivas Email - [email protected]

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