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This week we've prepared a list of the top 5 Scandinavian Optimized CC Submit offers with the best possible payouts in the Sweepstakes category!

• [MOB+WEB] SH - Samsung Galaxy S9 /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $0.73, CR: 1.8%
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Macbook /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $1.37, CR: 3.4%
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Samsung Galaxy S9 /NO, Payout: $24.00, EPC: $0.70, CR: 2.6%
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $0.60, CR: 1.4%
• [MOB+WEB] SC - Macbook /FI , Payout: $32.00, EPC: $0.35, CR: 1.0%
BOO! Halloween is so close, and our creepy new Halloween-themed offers in Sweepstakes category are waiting for you-u-u! "Exorcise" your right to freakishly high ROI by sending your traffic to Adtrafico this weekend!

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Party City $100 Halloween Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: SAeD4xK.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - iPhone Xs Max Halloween Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: fyc9qwd.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Halloween SOI /UK, Payout: 1,20€

[Image: zKyXxPi.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Kohl's $100 Halloween SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: ooqYis9.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - iPhone XS Halloween Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: 6YdmQjO.png]
Our top Dating offers showed excellent results last week, do not miss the chance to test them!

• [MOB] MaturesForFuck SOI /IT, Payout: $4.00, EPC: $0.35, CR: 8.9%
• [MOB] WildSpank SOI /DE, Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.16, CR: 5.2%
• [MOB] Sexeronde SOI /FR, Payout: $2.25, EPC: $0.16, CR: 7.4%
• [MOB] PlaisirExpress SOI /CA, Payout: $2.50, EPC: $0.35, CR: 5.7%
• [MOB] ContactosRapidos SOI /ES, Payout: $1.45, EPC: $0.35, CR: 5.7%
[Image: qY92iOn.png]

Let us introduce you to DatsPush - the innovative Ad Network, that will help you cheaply and effectively promote your products

DatsPush features:

Support 24/7 in Telegram & Skype;
Moderation of your creatives 24/7;
Manage frequency of ads and amount of views per user;
Low competition, some GEOs will cost you the absolute minimum per click;
Work on CPC;
Accept WMZ, ePayments, PayPal, CreditCards(soon!), Minimum deposit $50;
Fresh and uncharted audience, that grows bigger every hour;
Advanced Targeting: Devices, Browsers, Cities, Countries & IPs.

Ask our managers for your special promo code to receive a +20% bonus on your first deposit to DatsPush (min. $100)!
This week we're featuring new offers focused on the newest iPhone release. Check our top Sweepstakes offers below!

• [MOB+WEB] SC - iPhone XS Max /FI, Payout: $32.00, EPC: $0.55, CR: 1.5%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XR DOI /AT/DE/CH, Payout: €3.20, EPC: $0.25, CR: 6.3%
• [MOB+WEB] Quiztionnaire - iPhone XS White SOI /UK , Payout: $1.20, EPC: $0.11, CR: 8.8%
• [MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone XS SOI /AU, Payout: €2.00, EPC: $0.12, CR: 5.3%
• [MOB+WEB] S&P - iPhone XS SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.2%
Hey everybody! We have added new Sweepstakes offers, which are going to make your ROI as high as never before!

• [MOB+WEB] SH - MacBook /NO, Payout: $24.00

[Image: oXsCNZ3.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Win Samsung S9 /PT, Payout: $8.00

[Image: WPIWA9Q.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Win iPhone X /PT, Payout: $8.00

[Image: fKUm8uD.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Macbook Pro SOI /NZ, Payout: €1.60

[Image: 6C8smau.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XR SOI /NZ, Payout: €1.60

[Image: UxN8p5m.png]
Our selection of top performing offers this week in the Sweepstakes category are as follows:

• [MOB+WEB] Mazda CX3 SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.32, CR: 9.9%
• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Fall Theme SOI, Payout: $2.40, EPC: $0.15, CR: 5.7%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS DOI /AT/DE/CH, Payout: €3.20, EPC: $0.16, CR: 4.1%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone 8 /IT, Payout: $32.00, EPC: $0.41, CR: 1.1%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS /IT, Payout: $32.00, EPC: $0.32, CR: 1.0%
Introducing our new partners: Native Network MGID.

MGID's native advertising technologies help acquire visitors, monetize websites, build new audiences, grow traffic and increase conversions, using non-intrusive native ads and push-notifications. It’s the place where all participants of the native advertising ecosystem meet, greet and find solutions for their very specific needs.

With MGID you get:

22000 quality publishers;
Free custom creatives services;
24/7 support;
Self-serve or full-service platform;
Selective Bidding, Traffic Insights, Price Recommendation tools.

[Image: r7PTUck.png]

Use a special link to sign up and get your unique 25% bonus on the first deposit to MGID. Deposit from $500 to $5000 and receive an extra $125 - $1250 to your ad budget! Additionally MGID offers 10% cashback for Vietnam targeted campaigns till the end of December.

For more details please contact our managers on Skype.
This week, our newest top offers in the Dating category are:

• [MOB] SoloLigones SOI /ES, Payout: $1.45, EPC: $0.16, CR: 11.4%
• [MOB] Sexeronde SOI /FR, Payout: $2.25, EPC: $0.17, CR: 7.6%
• [MOB] HornyContacts SOI /FI *EXCLUSIVE*, Payout: $6.40, EPC: $0.24, CR: 3.8%
• [MOB] ThaiAffairs SOI /TH, Payout: $0.48, EPC: $0.07, CR: 15.2%
• [MOB] Flirt SOI /NL, Payout: $3.70, EPC: $0.08, CR: 2.3%
We've added new CC Submit offers in our Sweepstakes category. These offers are delivering great payouts, so take a look at them today:

• [MOB+WEB] SH - Supermarket NB /SE, Payout: $39.00

[Image: gmhOc8S.png]

• [MOB+WEB] SH - Furniture Gift Card IKEA /NO, Payout: $24.00 

[Image: sr723dr.png]

• [MOB+WEB] SC - Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 /FR, Payout: $20.00 

[Image: KSv2qWd.png]

Plus, today is Black Friday. We couldn't miss this momentous occasion, so be sure to check our newest SOI Black Friday specials:

• [MOB+WEB] Black Friday SOI /AU, Payout: €1.45 

[Image: Is3dbMr.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Black Friday Holiday Trip SOI /SG, Payout: $1.30

[Image: wVy6KM9.png]

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