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This week we have excellent Dating offers for you with top payouts:

• [MOB] OneNightFriend SOI /CA, Payout: $2.00, EPC: $0.38, CR: 6.3%
• [MOB] HornyContacts SOI /AU *EXCLUSIVE*, Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.45, CR: 8.5%
• [MOB] C-date SOI 30+ /DE, Payout: €3.70, EPC: $0.25, CR: 5.8%
• [WEB] InstantHookups SOI /US/CA/AU/UK, Payout: $5.20, EPC: $0.17, CR: 3.4%
• [MOB] MaturesForFuck SOI /IT, Payout: $1.25, EPC: $0.04, CR: 3.8%
Please welcome our new awesome offers in the Sweepstakes category!

• [MOB+WEB] NCC Top Shop £100 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.10

[Image: py9hQr8.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Mazda SOI /NZ, Payout: $1.75 
• [MOB+WEB] Mazda CX3 SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80 

[Image: smIwGRk.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Kupon Mydin, Giant, Tesco SOI /MY, Payout: 0,28 €
[Image: 3oD0UVJ.png]
This week our very best performing Sweepstakes offers are as follows:

• [MOB+WEB] NCC Amazon £1000 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.00, EPC: $0.23, CR: 10.5%
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Samsung Galaxy S9 /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $0.88, CR: 2.1%
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Macbook /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $1.83, CR: 4.5%
• [MOB+WEB] Mazda CX3 SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.35, CR: 11.1%
• [MOB+WEB] NCC Samsung S9 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.00, EPC: $0.10, CR: 5.3%
[Image: lpFc582.png]

More benefits for our partners!

We are happy to introduce our new friends from the awesome utility PeerClick who are generously offering exclusive rates to Adtrafico affiliates using their tracker: 30 days free PROMO account and a 50% discount for your second month.

PeerClick is an advanced marketing tracking platform for Media Buying Teams and PeerClick. PeerClick enables you to work with different kinds of traffic sources, manage advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.

Advantages of PeerClick:
Competitive price (from $5,2 for 1M)
Infinity scalability (track up to 2blns clicks daily)
High data quality (25+ parameters for tracking)
Perfect traffic targeting (VPN, PROXY rules)
Real-time statistics (less 1 ms postback speed)
Powerful complex reporting (5+ parameters)
Custom solutions (additional servers for your GEOs)
Best performance (no traffic loss)

SAAS technology
Multi-currency, Crypto-currency (EUR, USD, BTC)
The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today
Pay per click
Handles millions of clicks per day
Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
The highest speed of report generating on the market
Group Campaign Reports
Large-scale automated updates every few month
The fastest and most convenient user interface
Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
The average response time of support is 5 minutes

Just contact our AMs through Skype and get your bonus from PeerClick today!
Here are our best performing offers of the week in the Dating category:

• [MOB] FlirtDate18 SOI /DE, Payout: €2.00, EPC: $0.53, CR: 21.3%
• [WEB] ZhaveNoci SOI /CZ, Payout: $1.60, EPC: $0.10, CR: 2.4%
• [WEB] S.Dating SOI /DE, Payout: €2.55, EPC: $0.96, CR: 28.5%
• [MOB] S.Dating SOI /DE, Payout: €1.90, EPC: $0.63, CR: 25.5%
• [MOB] OneNightFriend SOI /BE, Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.07, CR: 3.8%
Our Sweepstakes category is getting bigger and bigger every day! Check out our new offers for the US geo:

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $100 Back to School Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: CzQFxgM.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Draft Kings $100 Credit SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: LtxGb0Z.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Kohl's $100 Fall Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45 

[Image: a4ykEvy.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Buffalo Wild Wings $100 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45

[Image: YBVCmn6.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Apple Watch 4 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45 

[Image: j9vk5lL.png]
This week we invite you to check out our top 5 best performing offers, with ratings drawn from all categories:

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Summer SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.21, CR: 8.1%, Vertical: Sweepstakes
• [MOB] HornyContacts SOI /AU *EXCLUSIVE*, Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.54, CR: 8.9%, Vertical: Dating - MOB
• [MOB+WEB] NCC Amazon £1000 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.00, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.9%, Vertical: Sweepstakes
• [MOB] OneNightFriend SOI /CA, Payout: $2.00, EPC: $0.37, CR: 6.0%, Vertical: Dating - MOB
• [MOB+WEB] SH - Samsung Galaxy S9 /SE, Payout: $36.00, EPC: $0.74, CR: 1.8%, Vertical: Sweepstakes
Introducing: Our newest partners RedTrack! 

To celebrate the cooperation between Adtrafico and the revolutionary tracker, RedTrack, RedTrack is offering exclusive discounts for our affiliates. You can receive discounts on RedTrack plans for 1, 2 or 3 months!

[Image: ydZ7qrM.png] is an easy-to-use affiliate campaign tracking and analytics platform. The tracker is designed for affiliate marketers and media buyers to tackle complex performance and data tracking using a single and ultimate solution. 

Key features

• Fast redirects 
• 30+ attribution data points
• A/B testing for flows
• Direct tracking LP Pixel
• Advanced targeting and rules 
• Bot/proxy filters
• Data grouping and drilldown reports

How to cash in your bonus? Just get in touch with our managers on Skype for details and get your bonus today!
Presenting our newest selection of top-offers in the Mobile category:

• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /SI [Simobile, Mobitel, Tusmobil], Payout: $7.20, EPC: $0.12, CR: 1.6%
• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /IE [Meteor, H3G, O2], Payout: $7.20, EPC: $0.09, CR: 1.2%
• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /KE [Safaricom, Airtel], Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.01, CR: 1.0%
• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /PY [Personal, Tigo, Claro], Payout: $0.80, EPC: $0.01, CR: 2.4%
Our new CC Submit offers in the Sweepstakes category are waiting just for you! Here’s our latest offering:

• [MOB+WEB] SH - iPhone XS /NO, Payout: $24.00 

[Image: 8WFLOcI.png]

• [MOB+WEB] SH - Galaxy Note 9 /NO, Payout: $24.00 

[Image: eEHDCXm.png]

• [MOB+WEB] SH - iPhone XS /SE, Payout: $36.00 

[Image: lU55Ajz.png]

• [MOB+WEB] SH - Galaxy Note 9 /SE, Payout: $36.00 

[Image: IPf4ie9.png]

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