3$/Month|Windows VPS |Unlimited Bandwidth|Very Cheap
Bronze plans were specially designed for users who want to try out in action the capabilities of Windows Remote Desktop or Linux console. These VPS servers are suitable for beginners for automated trading (Forex and etc.) by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), as well as for other tasks which involve the use of Windows VPS or Linux/BSD VPS.
[Image: Capture55.PNG]
Virtual servers with Windows and Linux/BSD in these plans have sufficient capability and capacity to try out, for example, your site performance, game server or to experience the capabilities of Windows Remote Desktop for online trading using Metatrader or other trading software. Also VPSes in Bronze plans can be used for small sites and projects.
Bronze plans suit both beginners and people with some experience with remote systems. For professionals these plans may also be interesting because of their attractive prices which make it possible to create inexpensive tests.


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