Updated {NEW} New Forums Rules for Freebies Section SEO Tools, Softwares & Bots {NEW}
Before posting in SEO Tools, Softwares & Bots area please read the following Rules.

1. Do not Ad any website that doesn't provide a FREE Software for our members to use/get benefit from it in SEO.

2. Any website that you may Ad on this area of the forum is to show the original sales page followed by the software itself and/or the crack.

3. Do not ask/request for software, tools or Bots. (There is a specific area of this forums to post such requests.)

Visit it here: Request Section


(I hate SPAM as much i hate onions on my burger...)

5. Always post a result of an online virus check of the files you're uploading, unless you're Admin, Mod, VIP or Respected Member.

6. Do not insult or engage other members just by their believes, religion or nationality. 

7. Do not engage or insult any other member by PM nor POST in the forum, please be polite and respectful.

8. Do not POST or SHARE any of our content without proper permission of the content's author.

9. Do not ask for +Rep or donations if you have less than 10 posts you've contributed to our community.

And last but not necessary in case you refuse to follow my rules:

10. Grab a sandwich then grab a huge dick and wrap it around the sandwich and then fucking eat it, you fucking cunt.

If you do any of the not to do list, here is your reward:

You will get warned the first time.
You will get banned for 1 week the second time.
You will get banned for 1 month the third time.
You will get banned for 1 years the forth time.
You will get perma-banned for fifth time.

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