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Thank you, tell me do you have an idea of this option DummyLinks, what is it?
(02-17-2017, 07:22 PM)smalto Wrote: Thank you, tell me do you have an idea of this option DummyLinks, what is it?

Dummylinks are when you browse the web before or/and after you specifically do anything on the internet.
Let's say you are navigating the web and you are searching for some car parts.
You search on google "car parts" for example, you open a few links, etc...
And you find yourself on a webpage sponsoring car parts, and that webpage refers you to an adfly link where they have a full list of the car parts.

All of those things you did to get to the car parts adfly link, are what i state "DummySearch" on a bot software perspective.
Because it tells Adfly that someone or the bot has been doing research before getting to the point of visiting the adfly link.

When you enter the adfly link, you're being referred by the last webpage you visit.
In short words, DummyLinks stands for links that you want adfly think you searched before getting to the adfly link itself.
Simple, Adfly methods to check liability on ads views is by checking at least but not less than 2 to 4 pages of browsing before you get to the adfly link.

Because it would be extremely suspicious that a user just entered the adfly link after opening the webbrowser and didn't even browse anything on the web and just entered the adfly link like nothing.

The adfly bot let you use dummylinks before and after you click the adfly link, so it looks like the bot is actually a human by browsing random or specific stuff about your adfly link after or before the adfly link visit.

Now, is Referrers and DummyLinks the same?
No, Referrers are the last page visited before accessing the adfly link.
Meanwhile the DummyLinks is from the page 1 you opened the webbrowser up to the 5 page you decide the software will go trough to make think adfly you actually browse the web before or after accessing the adfly link when instead was the bot.

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Please open links.

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Thank you very friend for your explanation
Thank you very much
supereb good banget lee
your links not working? can you reup it....
Links now working.

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