New Facebook Bot Marketer [NEW]

You may know me from my other bots.
As your fellow Imseolab mod.
Doesn't matter...

I will bring a new bot for this Christmas for all imseolab.
It will be a facebook bot for marketing and for lazy fucks like me...

The bot will provide:
1. Auto Commenter/Auto Liker/Auto chat Answer/Auto Post/Auto Upload/Auto Follow/Auto Tag/Auto Poll/Auto Settings(Misc)/Auto Schedule Post-Comments-Tags-Likes/Auto Share

2. Will let you teach the bot to learn how to answer to different dialogues such in posts/comments or chats with a dictionary custom made by the user itself.
3. Can create dummy accounts.
4. Can Scrap from text to links to numbers to photos all over facebook.
5. Can Analyze Facebook Most Trending Pages/Tags/Hash/Likes/Posts/Profiles
6. Can create multiple Pages/Profiles/Groups
7. Can multi task up to 100 threads.

8. Will have a system for Proxy and Captcha

First Version will have:
1. Can Scrap from text to links to numbers.
2. Auto Commenter/Auto Liker/Auto Post/Auto Follow/Auto Share.
3. Can multi task up to 100 threads.
4. Will have a system for Proxy.

Next features will be implemented on future updates by list order.
Attention: Looking for 2 people to provide innovative idea and 2 people to be beta tester.

Bot will be available this December 23th.

Signing of edworldae [Image: Arnold_DrosteEffect_DGDO.gif]
I'm waiting for it, hope it will be free.
(11-14-2016, 04:29 AM)crymatisticos Wrote: I'm waiting for it, hope it will be free.

It will be free. Smile

Signing of edworldae [Image: Arnold_DrosteEffect_DGDO.gif]
Dont think this will be done for December 2016 or was 2017
help me please. What program I can get personal email with FB group?
I'm waiting for it
I'm waiting for it. thank you
wow.. can't wait..
I'd like to test. Please pick me!
im parking here..

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