Adcombo - A Cpa Affiliate Network
Hello there!

We are AdCombo - a CPA Affiliate Network to monetize your traffic. It’s your final destination in the CPA world because:

We perform a new model of leads – Cash on Delivery. Conversion takes place when one completes the purchase via phone. This model is the most effective way for publishers to monetize their traffic.

The conversion rates and real EPC are extremely high. All because user pays only when receiving the product.

We only work with direct offers. And we have HUNDREDS of exclusive and premium ones! Most of advertisers are our long-time business partners, and no payment was missed since we’ve launched.

We offer a wide range of geos. We primarily work with tier-2 geos (Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America) as these countries may be characterized as low competitive and cheap on traffic.

AdCombo specializes in the WOW-products (for impulse buying).

We provide you with weekly payments with no holds set, and payment methods as Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Bank Wire Transfer. Minimal payment is: $50.

The types of traffic we accept: Display, Email, Social Media, PPC, Contextual, and InApp (either mobile or desktop). We deal with Adult traffic as well.

The platform of AdCombo is our in-house technology, that’s why we won’t lose a single click of your traffic.

Does it sound any convincing? =))
I make an account and one of you managers add me, i write to her and she never respond...

EDIT: They add me ask some questions and accept me looks like a good network will update when i get my first payment Smile
(06-03-2016, 09:15 AM)vincisama Wrote: I make an account and one of you managers add me, i write to her and she never respond...

Hello, vincisama. Please, write to skype: protagonista_maria. This person can help you.

Thank you for choosing CPA Adcombo.
Hello, everyone.

We have some good news for you. We have launched new offers. We have increased payments for some of our offers that you could make more money on them.

Top 10 CPA Offers of the Week!

[Image: 8830513628.png]

Don’t be afraid asking us about, well, everything connected with the Affiliate Marketing. We are here to help and to inform you.

List of new offers!

We've launched a set of new offers for Europe. Have a look:

FuegoFit – HU” ID: 3901
[Image: 9974151504.png]

Slimmer spray – RO” ID: 3899

[Image: 0420816059.png]

Offers payouts increased!

We do our best to make your affiliate experience fun. That is why we have increased the payout rates for the following offers:

"Detoxalit - RO" ID: 2530

[Image: 1157509455.png]

"Detoxalit - GR" ID: 2529

[Image: 3256414722.png]

Every publisher is welcomed here. To have your account approved is easy at ours. So feel free to join our superhero squad!
Have a nice day, friends.
Dear friends! Each of you can participate in our contest “TRAFFIC HUNTERS” and get up to 5000$!

[Image: 3108563959.jpg]


The more friends you bring to our CPA-Network and let them gain profit, the more chances you have to hit the jackpot!


1st place – 5000 $
2nd place – 3000 $
3rd place – 2000 $
4th place – 2000 $
5th, 6th, 7th places – 1000 $
8th, 9th, 10th places – 500 $


·         All AdCombo publishers, you are cordially welcome!
·         Even if you don’t have an account yet, it’s not a big deal! Sign up as a publisher, and feel free to enroll.


·         Sign in to your account on AdCombo or create a new one for a publisher
·         Go to Dashboard → Referral History
·         Invite people to sign up through your referral link
·         Let them make money in our Network


27th of August is the last day of the contest, so you’d better hurry up!
Day by day you will be able to check the contest’s landing page and track down your competitors.
The winners will be announced at the beginning of September.

AdCombo Team is keen to share its experience related to the most exciting affiliate event of this summer: 

Affiliate World Conferences held in Berlin, Germany. 
These unforgettable 2 days turned out to be very productive, thus it is high time to sum up the results!

[Image: 6298508781.png]

We were so excited to meet our loyal affiliates we appreciate very much. 
In order to treat them with due respect, AdCombo Team decided to present small, 
but very cute surprises – individual T-shirts with funny faces of our affiliates on them Smile

[Image: 0517147767.jpg]

We also didn’t forget to chill! 
Thanks to Adsimilis, TrafficPartner, ClickDealer and BitterStrawberry for all the incredible parties! 
By the way, AdCombo Team was also a sponsor of the AffiliateFix party which took place the first day of the conference. 

[Image: 7622342347.jpg]

The Female Panel was also a great chance to learn about affiliate marketing from ladies’ perspective. 
Everybody was there. Even guys! 

[Image: 8348474847.jpg]

AdCombo Team has spent a wonderful time in Berlin. 
Many thanks to Affiliate World Conference for that kind of experience! 
We are looking forward to visiting the next AWE Conference and meeting all of our partners there. 
We have many events in the future to participate in, so follow our updates!

[Image: 2318747009.png]
Exploring new continents with Lalexpo-2016

AdCombo team just returned from a famous adult conference LALEXPO. 
We were a platinum sponsor there and that’s why we started preparation for the conference long ago. 
We invented and produced lots of souvenirs and presents for our affiliates and advertisers. We brought lots of amazing caps, pens and treats for sweet-teeth. 
Such beautiful girls in our caps were really inspiring!

[Image: 7626534804.png]

As we’re all have cartoon characters, they’re travelling with us and every time we’re improving them and they reflect each country’s  mood and culture.
For adult conference our cartoon characters at first became superheroes and then…OMG… they even took off their clothes…

[Image: 3884366279.png]

All the 3 days of Lalexpo were extremely busy but adventurous.  Apart from business events like markets and panels we had lots of parties to enjoy and to feel Colombian style of life.
We ‘re caught by pirates for a jolly party at the pirate boat . We felt like Jack Sparrow’s  team  somewhere in Caribbean Sea..

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum (hidden by the photographer =)):
[Image: 4460694506.png]

The next day we’re enjoying Chiva Bus tour sponsored by Paxum, our favorite payment system. 
We adore Paxum’s  advantages as a payment system like very low commissions, security and usability but after the party we started to value their free-time activities even more. 
It’s really funny  to hang out at the buses with dances and live music!

[Image: 3509311270.jpg]

Of course apart from these jolly events we’re working hard and  we’re happy to meet all our awesome affiliates, 
new advertisers and  networks and speak about  increasing volumes in adult traffic not only for Latam but for all the hottest geos around the globe.

[Image: 3963684653.jpg]

Our brilliant affiliates participating in lalexpo ….
[Image: 6539948863.jpg]

As well we have good news for affiliates. In Colombia we’re booth-neighbors with another one cute payment system Epayservice. 
So  we added Epayservice  as a new payment method for fast payments! And a little bit further we’ll announce very appealing offer from both of us.

Attracting Epayservice cofounder...
[Image: 5047528120.jpg]

And we’re grateful  to Lalexpo for the emotions we’ve experienced and of course for  hot and sunny weather, gorgeous views and colonial charm of Cartagena.

Amazing Cartagena...
[Image: 9765607472.jpg]
Dear friends,

AdCombo Team is happy to announce the forthcoming contest “ChocoLead”. The starting date is the 1st of August. 

Do you want to win your own Mac Book Pro? AdCombo Team is ready to give you the opportunity!

You send your traffic to our Choco offers and bring leads; we give you fabulous prizes in turn. 

Interested? Follow our updates in order not to miss the further information about “ChocoLead”.

[Image: 6677976301.jpg]
Dear friends!

Breaking news related to our contest “TRAFFIC HUNTERS”.

Good news:

The prize fund has been increased up to 20 000$. So, there will be more fascinating prizes!

Bad news:

Since fake registrations have been detected in our network the participants related to such an activity have been disqualified from the race. That is why the table has undergone some changes. 

From now onwards only TRUE registrations will be considered.

Referral link
[Image: 2780703033.jpg]
Attention all affiliate-enthusiasts! It's time for our “CHOCOLEAD” contest with mind-blowing prizes.

You are just required to send your traffic to ChocolateSlim offers, so you’ll have a chance to win an apple device!

Here is what awaits you in case of success:

1st - 3000 leads - MAC BOOK PRO
2nd - 2000 leads - MAC BOOK PRO
3rd - 1500 leads - MAC BOOK PRO
4th - 1000 leads - MAC BOOK AIR
5th - 500 leads - IPAD MINI

The first one who gets 3000 leads ranks first and takes the 1st place prize. E.g. if you are the second one to get 3000, you are not going to take 1st place prize – you rank second.

The same scheme relates to another 4 places.


Nevertheless, all participants benefit anyway – all ChocolateSlim offers are premium: we add +5% to affiliate’s revenue during the time of the contest!

We also introduce 2 new landings for all geo since our AdCombo Team always tries to give you wider opportunities to earn money.

From the 1st of August all the following offers are engaged in the contest:

ID: 3524 Chocolateslim - DE, AT
ID: 3535 Chocolateslim - FR
ID: 3536 Chocolateslim – IT
ID: 3537 Chocolateslim – ES
ID: 3988 Chocolateslim2 - RO
ID: 3989 Chocolateslim2 - HU

It is just enough to send your traffic to the offers listed above; all of them will be taken into account.

NOTE: we accept and pay only for approved leads (sales). Cancelled leads will not be counted.

The results will be announced within 30 days of the starting date. The winners can be identified long before the last day of the contest, but we are not going to divulge their names in advance Wink
Here is the link to the official page of the contest.

Go for it and good luck!

[Image: 6850246181.jpg]

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